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Basic Screen Printing Information about:

Printing on just about anything you can think of...

Textiles, Glassware, Signs, Can Coolers, Silk Neckties, 3-Ring Binders, whatever...  or

Sublimation And Thermal Wax Transfers...

Perfect for putting your computer artwork or pictures on Coffee Cups, T-Shirts and Stuff.

Here, we offer rudimentary information about the basic process.  See links below...


To those in need of printing services, we are no longer printing for customers.  We only offer very basic information about the process.  If additional information is needed, please visit, the U.S. Screen Printing Institute.  They are a very large & comprehensive resource.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Information about Sublimation, Thermal Wax, & Screen Printing.

Information about the Screen Printing Process.

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Sublimation and Thermal Wax Transfers

A good economical choice for small orders.  However, these are limited to only a few items such as light colored T-shirts, coffee cups, mouse pads and a few other odd ball things that become available from time to time. 


With the invention of inkjet transfers, some sublimation & thermal wax processes are no longer required.  The possibilities are more numerous for the home-computer user, and now most people can create these items themselves.  There are many products out there,  just visit any office supply store.  They even make transfers for dark T-Shirts (fabric) now.


Sublimation works by the ink out-gassing under high temperature and pressure from the paper into a coating on the substrate (i.e. coffee cup).

Thermal Wax

Thermal Wax is almost the same but uses a coated paper that transfers the ink and coating onto the substrate (i.e. T-shirt).

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is unlimited to the colors and types of things on which you can print. The ink is printed directly onto the substrate (i.e. just about anything you can think of), by using a screen frame and squeegee.



The Process of Screen Printing

The process begins with the "camera ready" art work.
This may be created by hand or with the aid of a computer.
One piece of "camera ready" art is made for each color.
The camera ready art is then sized and photographed on our
"stat" camera. A film positive is made for each size and color.
Each film is exposed, developed, inspected and touched-up by hand.
After all these steps are completed, The films are ready to
be imaged onto the screens.

One screen must be made for each size and color.
We stretch the screen mesh on a frame, secure it and coat it
with a photo-sensitive emulsion. When the emulsion is dry,
we expose the screens with the films using ultra-violet light.
Each screen is exposed, developed, inspected and "touched-up" by hand.

The finished screens are secured to the screen press.
One screen for each color is registered to the item that
is to be printed. With the screens in place, the ink is applied
to the screen and printed with the aid of a squeegee. After all
the colors have been printed, the ink is then cured. This may be
accomplished by oven, heat press, or air dried, whichever method the
particular ink requires.

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